The author

Mario van Rijn

MARIO VAN RIJN is a strategist and writer. His background ranges from scenario planning, all the way through to technology, leadership, and education. He has a deep interest in futuring and enjoys encouraging people to think beyond, strengthening co-creation, interdisciplinarity, and innovation.


René van der Burgt

RENÉ VAN DER BURGT is interested in working with others in order to discover the big picture. He is driven by finding new possibilities, innovations, and challenging the status quo. René believes that our greatest strength lies in our diversity, as it is only by embracing different perspectives that we can secure a bright future for humanity.

Both Mario and René work at Avans University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. They are passionate about moving humanity forward, and they do this through their own organization IVTO. They are also the authors of the Scenario Planning Handbook (available in Dutch only).

Author & Contributor Quotes

“So, in the end, if there is something you think the world is missing, it’s probably you.”

“The future is bright, if you want it to be.”